Human Hair Natural Brown Lace Front Wig 16"

£99.99 GBP

Human Hair Natural Brown Lace Front Wig 16"

£99.99 GBP
Human Hair Natural Brown Lace Front Wig 16" A thick full lace front human hair wig. The hair is soft human hair, can be put into a low ponytail.  Cap...
£99.99 GBP
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    Human Hair Natural Brown Lace Front Wig 16"

    A thick full lace front human hair wig. The hair is soft human hair, can be put into a low ponytail. 

    Cap Construction: Small lace frontal area. The side parting cannot be changed. Fitted adjustable straps and combs.

    Cap Size: Medium 22.5 inches head circumference

    Style: Layered Straight

    Colours: Natural Brown. The natural brown has lighter brown throughout the wig. Please refer to the photographs. This wig can be bleached and dyed to a different colour. Please Note:  The colours may look lighter or darker on some computer screens or on a mobile device

    Length: 16". Measuring from the back of the crown area through to the tip of the wig

    Density: 150%

    This is a glueless lace front wig. This wig is fitted with an adjustable strap and combs for extra security.

    PLEASE NOTE: The colours on some monitors and any handheld device may look different to that of the colour demonstrated in the photographs. Please make sure that you read the colour description of this item carefully.


    Can I apply heat to synthetic and human hair wigs?

    You can apply heat to some synthetic wigs, but not all of them. If you continuously use heat on any wig human or synthetic fibre it will damage the wig eventually. 

    Can I wash my wig?

    Yesyou can wash your wig. Wash in lukewarm or cold water and do not apply the shampoo directly onto the wig. Put the shampoo in a bowl or sink then place the wig in the bowl wash gently and rinse with cold water.

    Why does my wig tangle?

    All wigs, extensions and hairpieces will tangle, particularly if they are long. The tangling and matting usually appear first at the nape area of the neck. This is because there is a lot of head movement and it makes the hair twist. 

    Why does my wig go dry?

    Your own hair produces natural hair oils to keep the hair moisturised. Wigs will go dry because they do not have any other form of moisture, other than what you are adding to it. If you use a lot of heat on wigs it will become drier. There are a lot of lightweight dry oil mist sprays that work well on both human hair and synthetic wigs. You will need to add moisture to your wig to keep it from becoming dry.

    Do I need to wear a wig cap?

    Wig caps are of personal preference. Some people need to wear them and others do not. If you find that your wig is itchy, you will need to wear a wig cap or something else that is similar. 

    How can I secure my wig so that it does not come off?

    Many wigs are made with an adjustable strap and combs on the inside to tighten and secure your wig. You can add further hairpins or hair clips by sliding them in areas that cannot be seen. Behind the ear and under the first layer of hair, for example, is common. At the back under the first layer of hair. This will ensure that the wig stays in place. If you still find that the wig is sliding off, you may need to consider whether or not you have the correct size wig. You may also need to apply a wig adhesive to ensure that the wig is secure. 

    How do I know what size wig to buy?

    You need to take your head measurements. Please see below, measurements in inches: 

    What is a lace front wig?

    A lace front wig gives the appearance that hair is growing out from your scalp. You need to cut the lace at the front to the hairline and stick this down either with wig adhesive or an alternative. Not all wigs require wig glue. 

    I have never worn a wig before, what's best for me?

    If you are new to wearing wigs, we always suggest that you try some machine made wigs without lace at the front, as these are normally easier to wear. However, if you want to make your hairline look natural, then a lace front will be more suitable. Choose styles that suit your face shape and stick to colours that compliment your skin tone. You may want a complete change and wearing wigs is the perfect opportunity for you to change your style and colouring instantly. 

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